Star Wars Costumes For Toddlers

Clever adult costumes at parties still include dancing girls, skeletons, priests, nuns and that old favorite, a husband and wife in a two-person horse costume. Cows are still popular, along with cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too.

Superman has been a favorite Halloween costume with kids for over 30 years. There are many commercial versions of superman costumes as well as homemade versions. Most include tights, a bodysuit in red and blue and a red cape. Many little boys use a towel around their necks when pretending to be Superman during the year so having a Superman costume can be fun after Halloween is over too.

What kids don’t play with Legos? This costume couldn’t be easier or cheaper to make, and your child will have a lot of fun wearing it, too. Let your child choose what color of Lego to be. The directions are here .

Mermaid – You can attach seashells on your child’s bikini top and use a stretchable shiny fabric around her legs. Be sure that the cloth is in green, purple or turquoise shades. You can cut a slit in between or add fins at the bottom using a fabric or a fun foam.

Now the fun begins. Use magic markers, glitter pens and other items to make the costume more fun and life-like. Make a surgeon costume by drawing lapels onto the bag with black marker. If you didn’t cut the bag down the center, draw a black line down the middle, then glue on real buttons. Draw pockets with implements sticking out, like tweezers, tongue depressor, or other medical supplies.

To make the tail-tell straw, cut small strips of the craft foam, and fit around your child’s wrists and neck to make sure it is going to be comfortable for him or her. Then you will cut in a wavy edge at the bottom, to give it an un-even look. Glue the straw onto the hat, and in the arms and neck of the shirt. You will then glue the patches of fabric around the coveralls, or safety pin them in place. Have your child put on the clothes. Now your ready to hit the streets, and get that candy!

Besides our Adult Snow white Costumes, we also have a selection of costumes for kids. This gives you the chance to wear watching outfits with your daughter or niece and truly have a fairytale Halloween. These outfits range in sizes for toddler girls, infant girls, and school aged girls. We are sure that we have the perfect costume for your young princess.

Smartie Pants: Get yourself a bag of mini-box Smarties, eat the Smarties of course and then flatten the boxes out. Then pick out an outfit that’s all one colour – pink, green, red, yellow, whatever colour you like. You want to cover your whole body in this colour. Start with two pairs of thick black stockings – your tops and bottoms. And then get yourself a plain t-shirt, short or long-sleeved, maybe some shorts in the same colour. The stockings you will wear over your upper body, so cut out a space for your head. Get yourself some cheap white runners and spray paint them the same colour as your outfit. And now you’re ready to use tacky glue to attach the boxes onto your outfit and a plain ski hat if you have one.