Parking in Hollywood couldn’t be easier. The amount of time you can park on Hollywood Boulevard has been extended from one hour to two hours; Hollywood has brand new parking meters that take debit cards, credit cards, coins and cash; there are lots of public parking lots within walking distance of all the great stores. Taking THE METRO is easier. Just get off at Hollywood and Highland and you’re there.

Clowns bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Clown costumes can be simple to quite elaborate. Kids can use wigs or they can spray colored hair spray to change their hair color. Make-up or a big red nose can help with the look. There are many different types of make-up or if you prefer, you can use a mask. The main thing to remember with a clown costume is to have fun, keep it light and happy. Clowns are supposed to make people laugh and bring happiness to others. But since it is Halloween, this is one occasion where it might be appropriate as well to create a scary clown costume if your child is old enough to handle this type of costume.