Opting For The Finest Pig Costume This Unique Hallow’s Eve

This costume is great for any age, from young toddlers on up to adults. You can adjust the number of “spaghetti” strands and “meatballs” however you like. See how this costume looks here.

Paint solid yellow lines down each side of the shirt, or use two inch pieces of yellow tape. Paint white dashed lines down the middle. Glue on the plastic cars.

Their website offers a resource for teachers but it seemed to be a great one for parents as well. It will give you an overview of what you can find at this exhibit, songs and poems, pre and post activity ideas and more. If you really want to go all out you might want to check it out before you go.

Yee haw! What little boys haven’t played cowboy or dreamed of riding and roping? A Cowboy hat and pretend gun belt with gun can always be found at the dollar store. If your little cowpoke has a pair of boots, slide those on. Cowboys wear blue jeans and plaid shirts just like construction guys. Sew on a bit of fringe here and there if you like. Don’t forget the blue paisley bandanna for an authentic touch.

For teens the costume comes with a plush blue long sleeved shirt and an enormous headpiece with two great big googly eyes. It is a costume sure to catch peoples attention at trick or treat time.

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are like most parents, you are noticing that most children’s costumes can cost upwards of .00 or more. Here are some costumes for kids that cost .00 or less.

What boy wouldn’t just love to be a vampire on Halloween? All that is needed for this costume is a set of Halloween make-up, which is inexpensive and even on Halloween is very easy to find at any Halloween or drug store. Theses sets often times haves guides in regards to how the make-up should be applied, many of them also include fake blood. You will then need vampire teeth, which can be found at most dollar stores. If there is one handy, the costume may be completed with a black bed sheet for the cape; however, this is not a necessity. A simple black jogging suit can be worn as well. Which will complete your quick vampire costume.

One interesting idea could be a neighbors group. If you’re inclined, you may want to host a small party where you let your neighbors share and contribute their ideas for out of the ordinary, children’s Halloween costumes. If you can get a group of the neighborhood families to work together to come up with original, creative costumes, it would be a fun event for all and you could swap and share items. Invite 3 or 4 families, or maybe even a whole block of parents to participate, then set aside a full afternoon and enjoy. You can set up booths, like a wardrobe closet or a face-painting & make-up booth. And when everyone’s ready for a break, open up a healthy snacks booth too.